Switch IBOs

How do I switch to GPS from my IBO?

People leave their IBO’s for many reasons: lack of transparency, not paying them on time, disagreements about IBO fees, mistreatment, lack of communication or support, etc. 

We understand that disagreements and tension can emerge. We try our best to avoid unnecessary conflicts with our agents at GPS. 

We do our best to over communicate, listen and respond to issues agents may experience. 

If we fail at any point please be patient and do not give up on us. Correct us immediately. Create an account, log in and then go to our Help Desk and submit a ticket. We will do our best to solve your issues. speedily! 

If we cannot solve your issues we invite you to look for another IBO. That is why our policy is to “accept and release” a CSP soon as they make a request (See our “NO PRESSURE RELEASE POLICY”)

We believe our relationship is completely “at will” and we need to respect our CSP’s choices.

If you want to be released from GPS as your IBO all you have to do is follow these instructions. 

No pressure, No bad feelings!

1) GUARANTEED: Start Your Own LLC & Register Yourself As An Independent Business Operator In the Arise Portal. Arise Will Immediately Release You.

2) CONDITIONAL: Seek To Switch To Another IBO Like GPS

  • Pick a company name that you will use (i.e. John Doe Communications LLC). Pick carefully and don’t misspell any documents.
  • Register the company with IRS and get a FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number) – Watch Tutorial 
  • Register your company as an LLC with your State – Watch Tutorials
  • Register in the Arise Portal as your own IBO. You do not need to hire other CSP’s to operate as an IBO
  • Reach out to our support team if you need help with a website, a CRM to manage the applicants and marketing tips. We will help you grow as a new IBO. Submit a ticket in our Help Desk.
  • Seek legal counsel or website like Legal Zoom for official legal counsel.
  • GPS will consult you with a website, marketing, and management software.
  • If you want to leave your IBO and join GPS would you first research our pay rates, pay dates & process, perks, policies, and principles of good business. The best way to know the culture of GPS is to submit a CSP Switch Application and go through the Online Interview & Orientation. After that, you can decide if you want to move forward.
  • Everyone, including GPS staff, have to complete this Online Interview & Orientation. It helps us become unified and knowledgeable as a team. Also, the orientation serves as an agreement between us. It helps empower your performance because you know exactly what you’re getting into when you switch over to GPS. But, after joining us, if for some reason your not happy, all you have to do is follow these verification instructions to be released. No pressure, No questions, No bad feelings!
  • After you have filled out the CSP Switch Application and done the Online Interview & Orientation please follow these steps
  • Read the steps we have outlined below. Hopefully, your IBO is a good person and will not hold you hostage to the business relationship. Make sure you are not violating any contracts you have with them to work for a period of time. Wait until you have fulfilled your agreement and then ask them to release you. The steps below serves as a guide:


Step 1: Go to your portal under “My Info” select “Drop/Change IBO” then click on “Request to move to the following IBO”. Put in GPS IBID 83509 (If it asks for EIN, enter 814463549) and click the search button, the name should read: Global Presence Enterprises LLC, then click submit. Once we receive your request we will accept it and you will need to go back to the same page and sign the agreements. Once agreements are signed, we will finalize your move and send you a welcome letter.


Step 2If your “My Info” does not give you the option of dropping your IBO you will have to contact your IBO by phone and email and ask them nicely to release you. After they release/drop you do move to step Step 8 below. Also, after they drop/release we will try immediately re-enroll you into the course that you are in. We may need to reach out to Arise Enrollment Chat Support. This tutorial teaches you the fastest way to get a hold of them (Password: IMPACT).


Step 3: If your IBO does not respond after you repeatedly email and call them go to the post office and send them a certified letter asking them to release you and to contact you with a response by a certain date.


Step 4: Wait for them to receive the certified letter (Verify online with Post Office tracking). If they do not respond by the date in the letter move to Step 5. 


Step 5: Seek Legal Counsel and learn the details of suing a company from another State if need be. Email your IBO a similar letter as below, but in your own words:


Dear (Use IBO Legal Company Name),


I would like to be dropped from your company as an IBO within 24 hours of receiving this email due to these abuses (List Abuses Here). I have repeatedly tried to communicate with your company (Use IBO Legal Company Name) to release me, but you have not responded. We have no written contract that stipulates we must do business for an indefinite period of time. I will after the 24-hour deadline have my lawyer pursue this matter through the courts. Personally, I will review your company publicly as holding me hostage despite no written contract that outlines the unconditional/conditional nature of our partnership or noncompeting agreement. If you are found liable for harming my virtual call center business by small claims court, you will also be outside of compliance with the Arise Master Service Agreement Section 14.3 in our opinion. We will advise Arise Legal Compliance Department of your status and forward court documents that demonstrate your unprofessional, abusive, fraudulent, illegal or dishonest business practices. (Read MSA section 14.3).  Thank you!



(Your Full Legal Name)


Step 6: Wait 24 hours and if you get no response have your lawyers pursue legal action. Beware! legal action can be emotionally and financially costly. Purse this action if you compelled to seek justice for yourself and others who may be harmed by the unprofessional and abusive behavior of this IBO.


Step 7: If the matter is resolved by the courts on your behalf advise Arise Legal Compliance team of the courts ruling:






  •  You may want to contact them by phone too. BBB (Better Business Bureaus) website list the following phone numbers:
    • (954) 392-2690
    • (954) 392-2700
    • (888) 899-5995
    • (866) 771-0041

Step 8: How To Join A New IBO In Arise Portal After You Are Dropped From Old IBO – Prt. 1 of 2

Step 9: How To Join A New IBO In Arise Portal After You Are Dropped From Old IBO – Prt. 2 of 2

  • Step 10: Fill out the CSP Switch Application so we can have your name, email, and phone number in our CSP Management Portal. You will receive login credentials once you start training. This portal is where you can keep track of your invoices, and support issues with GPS.
  • Step 11: Complete and submit the Online Orientation so you fully understand the philosophies, practices, policies, low IBO fees and payment dates. We want you to be fully informed.
  • Step 12: Voice Assessment Tutorial so you are equipped to pass the real voice assessment when you pick your company in the Arise Portal.


  • Step 13: Request a GPS email so we can transfer your funds to you through the PaypalPay platform.

If you have not already started working for a company you will be at Step 8 in the 13 Step process