Pre-Enrollment Interview

Step 3: Online Interview and Orientation

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  • Please click link and read 13 Steps Enrollment Process. You are at Step 3 with 10 more steps to go.
  • With most companies/programs you will start making income during phone training about the 2nd to 3rd week into certification course. As an independent contractor you will never be scheduled to answer calls for free. Due to the fact that you are in independent contractor Arise cannot pay for the theoretical aspect of the training.
  • You will work 10-20 hours during this training period. Once you fully complete certification more hours will open up. You will schedule yourself through the Starmatic Scheduling App.
  • By the 1st day of training, you will need to make sure you have purchased all your equipment and your phone line is active, or you will risk being discontinued from the program. Be diligent!
  • See the CSP payment calendar.

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