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Global Presence Solutions

CSP Online Interview & Orientation

To work from home it is all about learning how to use

Knowledge Base Platforms that enable you to find answers

for the customers issues quickly while they hold on the phone.

During certification training of the company you choose, you

will learn about their platform, new words, concepts and best

practices. *


Please click link and read History and Mission of Global

Presence Solutions. 

Please click link and read about Arise History

Please click link and read the ARISE FAQ's.

Please click link and read details about equipment.

Please click link and read Arise total investment cost.

Please read IRS definition of 1099 Independent Contractor.

Please click link to watch video of what Independent Contractor can write off.

Please read about the 13 Step Process.

The certification can take up to 6 weeks and you will not make

income until the 2nd to 3rd week in certification when you service

clients on the phone with your trainer. As an independent contractor

you will never be scheduled to answer calls for free. Due to the fact

that you are in independent contractor Arise cannot pay for the

theoretical aspect of the training. You will work 10-20 hours during

this training period. Once you fully complete certification more hours

will open up. You will schedule through the Starmatic Scheduling App.

By the 2nd week of training you will need to make sure you have purchased

all your equipment and your phone line is active, or you will risk being

discontinued from the program. See the CSP payment calendar.