Global Presence Solutions Story & Mission

Who Are We?

A little background on our company, my wife Jhael and me (Jack Hakimian). We are a team of B2C/B2B/B2G Marketing Specialists, Full-Stack Developers, Server Operators, Graphic and Web Designers, SEO Techs, Content Writers, Story Tellers, Ideators, and general Marketing Specialists with over 50 years of combined experience with one goal: “Help Companies Grow & Flow.

Our team works closely with our clients to help them grow their businesses and nonprofits more efficiently. Weekly meetings, real-time communication, quick pivots when something is not working, and getting results is what matters to us, so qualifying our clients and having them vet us is essential. The partnership for growth requires us to be a fit and enjoy working together and handling the stress and challenges of winning as a team.

How We Grew?

My wife Jhael and I unofficially started this company in 2007 while completing my Master’s in Cross-Cultural Communications at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA, and learning the world of Open-Source CMS (Content Management System) websites. Mainly JOOMLA!

Initially, we were a membership-based nonprofit operating on a simple idea, “How can we help other nonprofits grow.” I was serving as a youth pastor at an Armenian Church in Glendale, California, developing a passion for digital communications.

I officially took my passion to a new level in 2017 after I moved to Miami from Los Angeles. I stopped running the business as a side hustle and deep-dived into the full-time work of an entrepreneur as my wife worked full-time to make ends meet.

We quickly came to admire the for-profit sector. Humans “work” more than we sleep, worship, and play. God must have meant for work to be enjoyable and a means to prosperity, or he would not have our work so much. 

Honest, thoughtful, and hard work is the purest form of honoring God and helping our neighbors. Work centered on our giftings and capacity is the best way of lifting people out of poverty, depression, and addictions. The greatest blessing to a community is when people love what they do and they passionately innovate tools to help others.

Doesn’t the barista who sings as they make your coffee give you chills? Doesn’t the lawyer that goes the extra mile to counsel you makes you feel secure? Doesn’t the waiter who serves you with a smile and pep in their step make you want to tip them more? Zeal and love for our clients are what we are about.

Since 2017, Global Presence has grown an average of 100% to 300% yearly with new clientele and revenues. Along the way, we have learned from our mistakes and triumphs. We are constantly learning and optimizing our processes as we understand more clearly what businesses need to generate leads, manage their customers, and grow their businesses quantitively and qualitatively.

Why So Motivated?

In my other world of philanthropy and volunteerism, I am a faith-based addiction recovery and marriage counselor, life coach, speaker, and chaplain with North Miami Police Department.

All of my bad and good experiences growing up in Los Angeles, being a member of the marketing and tech industry as a minority, being half Lebanese/Armenian and West African/Liberian, having a family that fled two civil wars (Lebanon & Liberia) to come to America, and watching my parents go from very little income to building a prosperous business has shaped my understanding of what is possible if we work hard and do the right things.

Now I have the privilege of being married to a beautiful wife and business partner, Jhael Hakimian, and fathering four fantastic boys who are doing great things with their lives. I wake up every day and do what I love – Empowering Individuals, Families, & Organizations!

It takes love for your clients, effective strategy, and grit to accomplish goals that result in more fruit. Even when things look bad, and we make bad choices, things can change if we are humble and start doing the right things with the right people.

I experienced the power of grace from God, and my family, who encouraged me to be a force for good.

You can access my personal story of transformation that was aired nationally on the 700 Club in 2009. 

For me empowering organizations and “movers and shakers” is not a “job” but a “calling.” I love what we do at Global Presence.

I believe every client we choose to do business with, the relationship will be mutually beneficial. We help you serve our local, national, or global community with your unique products and services.

Let’s be elegant, creative, and intelligent as we reap maximum results. As your organization grows, we believe we will grow with you beyond “economic gain” but “fulfillment” of serving real humans who have a problem that needs a solution – your presence, gifts, and business!

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to help companies grow profitable with our business development and marketing products and services.

What Is Our Values?

Create Marketing Cultures

Marketing is not something a business does as a 6-month project, rather it is an essential aspect of a companies identity and function. Marketing is a culture committed to sharing their unique stories and knowledge with others. As people connect with your brand they buy into your products and services.

Develop Software IQ

Software and automation exist and will evolve even further to help companies grow in efficiency and quality. Technology should help companies hire workers to accomplish tasks machines cannot, design with elegance, tell inspiring stories, connect with prospects, and empathize with the client's frustrations while offering authentic solutions. As Global Presence engages in AI research, machine learning, and automation, we pass on that knowledge to our clients.

Starve Global Poverty

Technology does not exist just for us as individuals, but for our global family. Our passion for people combined with our expertise in technology, business development, and design compels us to pass that knowledge on to others through our nonprofit Global Presence Network and in partnership with other community stakeholders. Technology education can lift people out of poverty.

How Are We Empowering People?

As an social enterprise, we serve our partners beyond the rigid expectations of contractual relationships. We are motivated by love for community leaders who serve the holistic well-being of people. 

Global Presence Solutions is a marketplace for freelancers in industries such as writing, web development, and graphic design. The website assists professionals in locating projects, communicating with clients, and receiving payment. You can gain practical experience as a freelancer or in a new industry without always needing to cold-pitch clients.  

Global Presence Network is our nonprofit organization on a mission to educate under-resourced communities with entrepreneurial, design, and technology skills. We offer our nonprofit and for-profit members various products and services, utilizing the SCRUM methods and AGILE principles

We believe our clients deserve excellence without breaking the bank.

Mr. Wondeful (Kevin O’Leary) of Shark Tank Recommends Global Presence For Web Design

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Having the opportunity to work at home with the help of GPS is a great stepping stone for my family and I. The company I work for now, as much as I love them and the people I work with, keeps me in California, about 1300 miles from home and my young kids for months at a time. With GPS I will be able to be home and not miss my kids and the special moments like birthdays, thanksgiving and school events. Thank you!
Corinna LakeyCorinna Lakey
I can't wait to get started with this company. I love the fact that they are very descriptive in their steps to complete the application process; that goes to show that regardless of employment being virtual they try to help their potential employees succeed. I appreciate it and i'm glad to be joining your team. Thank you for the opportunity to soon be officially part of a thriving, succeeding business.
Mariola FerrerMariola Ferrer
At first i thought this was a scam, i looked into it more, and started learning more about the company to discover this amazing opportunity. the company has been very up front and honest about everything, as well as transparent regarding business process. overall i feel like i made a great investment towards my future with GPS!
Brant HuttonBrant Hutton
I was skeptical when it came to legitimate work from home opportunities but after researching and contacting many of the Independent Business Owners or IBO's affiliated with Arise I chose to go with Global Presence Solutions and I am so glad I did. Jack and his team have been by my side every step of the way and no matter what the problem, question or concern they have responded with a quick resolution. I am thrilled to be part of the GPS team because they are always professional, hard working and most of all encouraging especially when it comes to helping me achieve my dreams. They are an amazing group of people and I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a dream or desire to get out of the everyday rat race.
Regina StinsonRegina Stinson
Global Presence is a great reliable company to work with. I honestly never knew working from home was available with trustworthy companies until I came across Global Presence. Now I can work from home, and be a Mom. That, my opinion, is the greatest thing ever, in which being so I can continue a career and last but not least at the same time be a Mother that helps with the finances.
Jennifer NishJennifer Nish