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Frequently asked questions

The first step in hiring any kind of talent is to identify the specific talents required for the job. You know you need assistance with marketing and sales, but what are your goals? GPS connects you with top-rated, independent contractors from across the world, ready to assist with any aspect of your sales and marketing.

  • Proposal documents and cold calling
  • Growth in Sales
  • Automation for Social Media Marketing
  • Podcast Ads Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Promotion

Project costs are very sensitive to details like scope of work and required expertise.

The following are components of a sales and marketing initiative:

  • In other words, what do you want accomplished? Perhaps you need the help of an expert strategist or marketer.
  • Competencies: Figure out what kind of expertise you’ll need to finish the project (for instance, a specialist to set up tracking and analytics or someone to link CRM with your marketing automation platform).
  • Your job description should specify if this is a short or long-term project.
  • Budget: Decide whether you want to work on an hourly basis or a set pricing.

Finding the right people to work on your marketing project has never been easier thanks to GPS.

  • Talent Marketplace: Use GPS to find and hire freelancers for your next advertising or sales job.
  • Project Catalog is a cutting-edge GPS capability expansion and quick start guide. Projects, ranging from market research and strategy to search engine optimization and search engine marketing services, are established for you, allowing you to simply scale up or down as needed and get to know talent through a clearly defined project within their competence.
    Talent Scout: Our recruiters will pair you with the top 1% of GPS’s sales and marketing talent. You can make a more informed hiring decision in much less time and with much less hassle.
  • Expert Groups: GPS isn’t only for freelancers; you can also use it to locate private firms that will send in their own sales and marketing teams to help you out.

A sales and marketing project may require a diverse group of experts to tackle its many facets. If you’re working on a marketing or sales project, you might need the expertise of people like:

  • A person whose job it is to make sales calls and interact with customers.
  • Expertise in conducting brand studies
  • Expert advice on developing a social media marketing plan
  • An expert in marketing automation strategy and best practices to consult with
  • Someone who can provide you advice on making podcasts
  • An SEO professional to investigate the market and identify relevant keywords.

If your business is wanting to expand your staff and increase productivity, then GPS is the best online talent option for you. The most important benefits of using GPS to find sales and marketing talent for your company are as follows:

  • On-Demand Talent: Connect with Freelancers and Agencies Worldwide.
  • Freelancers’ ratings, work history, testimonials, and portfolios all contribute to a more streamlined screening process.
  • Find the best people for your team with the help of artificial intelligence-powered talent matching.
  • Ability to outsource to a wide variety of professionals for the completion of any project size.
  • Built-in features simplify remote team onboarding and communication.

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