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Global Presence Solutions Story & Mission

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Dear Friends,


Welcome to Global Presence Solutions!


My wife Jhael and I founded Global Presence in 2006 with a simple desire to support a few nonprofits with their website design needs. Since then we have grown tremendously.

Global Presence Enterprises mission is to help organizations grow by assisting them with their Client Acquisition StrategyPrint, and Digital Marketing CampaignsOrganizational Development ToolsCMS Website, and CRM Development and Integration. We maintain HIPPA and WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards.


Global Presence Network is our sister nonprofit organization on a mission to educate under-resourced youth with entrepreneurial, design and technology skills.


Global Presence Solutions is our virtual call center division that connects Americans to Work From Home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies in partnership with Arise Virtual Solutions. Our mission to cooperate with individuals looking for authentic work from home opportunities.

Most of our Independent Contract Partners are inhibited from working a traditional brick and mortar job due to a lack of transportation, not enough good paying jobs in their communities, physical disabilities, constant transitioning due to military service, fluctuating school schedules, hospice or child care responsibilities, safety concerns, etc. Some just prefer to work from home.




We serve individuals by recruiting them to become CSP's (Customer Support Professionals), connecting them to the Arise Work From Home Platform and supporting them as they operate their virtual call centers from home. Our CSP's work for Fortune 500 and mid-size businesses with plenty of employment opportunities. CSP's decide their work schedules with the STARMATIC APP and a minimum expectation to work 15 hours weekly with an option to work 40+ hours.


CSP's can take their virtual call center business anywhere within the United States except for California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin (These states hinder home-based virtual call center businesses). CSP's work is done utilizing the latest cloud technologies and online training in the comfort of their home. Working from home is flexible, in-demand and rewarding.


Our business profits are utilized to re-invest into our CSP's through our Financial Growth Institute. The CSP's who voluntarily participate will be coached through a one-year online financial curriculum covering the subjects of entrepreneurism, wealth management, free-market pros and cons, wise philanthropy and generational prosperity.


Our key project for disadvantaged communities is to launch Impact Houses in partnership with Impact Miami Initiative and The Empowerment Initiative. These Impact Houses are led by couples/families who move into strategically chosen communities and establish their home as a hub for socializing, playing, shared meals, learning groups and community service such as cleaning streets, painting neighbors houses, landscaping, community watch, adopt a school, etc.


As owner-operators, my wife Jhael and I (Jack) have served for over 20 years as entrepreneurs, pastors, marriage coaches, mentors, police chaplains and community activist fighting for spiritual, social and economic freedoms.


Currently, I serve as President of Global Presence Network/Enterprise. I am on the community board of Florida State Senator Daphne Campell, a police chaplain with North Miami Police Department and community leader working in partnership with North American Mission Board (See Hakimian's Profile). 


My wife Jhael Hakimian is Director of Operations with GPS and a speaker with a national organization called Grass Roots Leadership Academy-speaking on principles of economic freedom. We have four unique and blessed boys (Jacob, Jeremiah, Josiah, Joel) and a mini Yorkie dog named "Judah".

Ultimately as the founder/president, I am motivated to grow this company as a social enterprise and to holistically empower peoples lives for the glory of God (Jeremiah 29:7, 1 Corinthians 10:31). We do this specifically at Global Presence Solutions by offering authentic work from home opportunities with integrity and care for our agents.


Despite my past failures as a youth and exposure to the hard streets of Los Angeles, California others gave me a chance to experience the "good life". 


When I sought to change my life over 25 years ago (19 years old); others mentored me on how to be a balanced man; others helped me complete my secondary education so I could receive a Master's Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and others made investments in my company so I can get started over 10 years ago.


Others allowed me to teach and empower at-risk youth in the jails, others gave me employment with non-profits and businesses so I can learn leadership and entrepreneurial wisdom, and lastly, my beautiful wife Jhael gave me the opportunity and privilege of marrying her and grow a family together.


In 2009 700 Club on ABC Network captured and aired my miracle story nationally.




Life is about standing on the shoulders of other people. None of us can do great things without God and generous people. Life is about compassion, wisdom and serving other people. It's about investing in other people so they can experience a harvest of blessings. Through their growth, your life will be enriched even more!


We believe all people despite their past mistakes, race, color, culture, gender, disabilities or religious/non-religious backgrounds deserve to be loved and respected because as humans they are created in God's image. We possess great intrinsic worth! 


Not only are people valuable, but they can change and grow. My faith teaches me, "Love hopes all things..." and "Mercy triumphs over judgment...". Jesus said, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice...(sacrifice meaning religious observance)"


Religion, politics or money is not the cure for our minds and social ills. But, more vertical and horizontal relationships infused with love. We need to live among the stranger and engage our cross-cultural neighbors and even love our enemies.


We live in a great nation that has secured many of our freedoms, despite some of the past darkness, we see a "prosperous and bright" future for many if we do not give up, but fight daily to live in the light and live a life of love.


Let's us take positive advantage of these privileges, freedoms and good people placed in our lives. Let us do good, serve others and experience the prosperity and blessing we are destined to!


Contact us if you have any questions, apply, or continue your steps if desiring to partner with us. Thank you!



Jack & Jhael Hakimian


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Jack Hakimian

As owner-operaters it is a privelage to be able to serve you. If you have any questions or support issues please reach out to our support team immediately.