Work Recruiters Program

Work Recruiters Program | $35.00 Per Active Worker

Work Recruiters Program Terms & Agreements:

  • Work Recruiters will speak the truth to prospective applications and not contradict any data on the GPS website.
  • Work Recruiters help individuals in their community and through online interaction connect with GPS Work From Home Opportunities.
  • Work Recruiters receive their own personal work recruitment referral page in order to keep track of their recruits.
  • Work Recruiters encourage their applicants through the pre-employment and employment certification process to achieve their work from home goals.
  • Work Recruiters are knowledgeable of key FAQ and GPS/ARISE Benefits.
  • Referral Commission: GPS offers Work Recruiters $35 for every CSP they bring into the Arise network and after passing certification has an active SOW (Statement of Work) for one month.
  • Create an account and fill out direct deposit authorization so we can send test deposit. After the test deposit submit a direct deposit verification form.