We have 3 Agent Support Plans:

VIDEO: How does payment coincide with the days I worked?

We have 3 Agent Support Plans: 1) Basic Plan ($49.90 Monthly)  2) Pro Plan ($59.98 Monthly)  3) Ultimate Plan ($75.90 Monthly)

In order to ensure there are no delays in payments:

  1. Create an accountlog in and choose an Agent Support Plan
  2. When you get to Step 12 please submit Enrollment Update Form so you can be updated to Step 13 status.
  3. When you get to Step 13 please sign your Independent Contract Agreement & W-9 Request Form. 
  4. When you are mid-way through Step 13 certification course you will receive an SOW (Statement of Work Agreement) from Arise. At that point, you will receive an email from GPS requesting that you complete your Direct Deposit Request & Verification Form.