New Agent Support Fluctuating Fee Process Starting June 2019

Dear GPS Agents,

Thank you for being part of the Global Presence Solutions Team. Your service to our clients like Comcast, Airbnb, Home Depot is being noted by Arise!

We are announcing new changes in June 2019 to our Agent Support Fluctuating Fee process. This change will not affect most of our agents.

We have moved from a percentage basis to a fixed fluctuating fee of $0.00 to $24.95 every invoice period.

GPS still charges one of the lowest IBO fees in the Arise Network.

The fee depends on the number of hours an agent works. If agents don’t work the monies are not deducted from their direct deposit.

The fluctuating structure minimizes a CSP’s (Customer Support Professional) risk from having a fixed cost, especially when they take days off due to illness, vacations, etc. GPS makes operating a virtual call center as “risk-free” as possible for CSP’s.

Like the Arise Platform fee, this Agent Support Fee will be deducted first and all remaining income will be disbursed by direct deposit according to payment calendar.

You can upgrade your Agent Support Plan here to receive faster deposits and support.

If you have any questions please submit them at the Help Desk.

I thank you and pray to God for you to have a calm and warm weekend with family and friends!


Jack Hakimian