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Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you apply and complete the background check and the enrollment steps you are now ready to join our team.

You will receive emails guiding you through the process. If you have not received something due to technical issues please create an account, log in and then go to our Help Desk and submit a ticket.

Yes, you can drop a client at any time you wish. However, if you do drop a client you will have to wait 30 days to enroll with another client. So make sure to enroll with another client before you drop a client. And remember there is no refund.

While Arise contracts with a whole plethora of clients, we recommend choosing only one. But the limit is ultimately up to you.

Clients continually open up new courses daily.

You are paid after you begin servicing clients on the phone during certification and of course after you are certified. See payment details and dates here.