All The Benefits

The Benefits of Working With GPS

Work From Home Benefits

Don't Have To Incorporate

It can take a lot of time and money to incorporate and go through the process with Arise. By connecting with GPS you do NOT need to incorporate to provide service to Arise client accounts!


You are paid the exact pay rate that Arise pays minus the monthly Arise Platform fee ($39.95) and IBO Support fee ($0.00 or $49.90-See All PLANS).

Access To Original Pay Rates

You can access the actual IBO pay rates on a private website and see the contracted pay rates we receive from Arise. Some IBO's charge an IBO fee and still take a percentage.

Launch As An IBO Later

If you decide to INCORPORATE we have an IBO Support plan too. We can help you with an IBO Turnkey Website like ours www.globalpresence.solution.

Committed & Caring

We are social enterprise who cares deeply about the community and most importantly our CSP's. When you join our team, you are joining a family.

Fast Support

We provide different levels of support depending on the Support Plan. To receive support today please create an account, log in and then go to our Help Desk and submit a ticket.

Bronze Elite Member

As as a mature company operating since 2006, but new to the Arise platform since December 2016 we have already become a bronze elite member and on our way to becoming gold with your help.

Free Express Payments

Most IBO's pay their CSP's on the 1st & 15th of the month and charge extra fees for express payments. GPS pays all our CSP's the next day after Arise makes payment through Paypal, Payoneer.

Percentage With Maximum Cap, No Hidden Charges

GPS charges some of the lowest IBO fees in the Arise Network. We only charge $0.00 to a maximum of $24.95 every two week pay period.

Higher Pay

Paid higher hourly and bonus rates than traditional brick and mortar customer support companies. For example, we have a company that is starting at $15.00 with a maximum hourly pay at $18.00 per hour.

No Pressure Drop Policy

We understand that disagreements and tension can emerge. That is why our policy is to "accept and drop" a CSP soon as they make a request. We believe our relationship is completely "at will" and we need to respect our CSP's choices.

Information On Switching IBO's

People leave their IBO's for many reasons, such as lack of transparency, not paying them on time, disagreements about IBO fees, mistreatment, lack of communication or support, etc.

Referral Payments

GPS offers you $35 for every CSP you bring into our network and has an active SOW for 30 days.

Military Discounts

We currently offer this discount to a military spouse, veteran, Veteran Spouse or active member or US Armed Forces.

Student Discounts

Anyone student 18 and over actively enrolled and studying towards a degree after high school, for example, college or university students, community colleges, online colleges, vocational schools like technical or automotive institutes, etc.

Arise Benevolent History

Since its formation in 1994, Arise has evolved from a company providing disabled people an opportunity to work from home to a leading provider of virtual business services! They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Take Time Off

Take up to 4 weeks off every 3 months without losing affiliation in the Arise Network.


Save on gas and transportation cost.

Reduce Stress

Minimize people triggered work-related stress.

Tax Advantages

Tax advantages as a 1099 Independent Contractor. Make sure to seek professional tax consultation.

Control Your Schedule

Schedule your own hours through our web/phone app Starmatic.

Control Health

Minimize health issues as you take control of your work schedule and health habits (As of now we do not provide Health Insurance).

Available Hours

Ability to work 50+ hours a week, but must work a minimum of 15 hours weekly, with 5-7 hours on weekends.

Guaranteed Hourly Pay

Receive hourly payment even if you receive no calls for non-technical issues.

Company Choice

Choose your own company and work for more than one company at a time. Work for major Fortune 500 companies.

Inspiring News Page

We seek to keep our CSP's educated and inspired. So we update our news page on a constant basis. Please read and watch the many videos we have posted.

Simple Enrollment Guide

We know how confusing it can be to go through the enrollment process with Arise. We have dedicated countless hours to developing videos and information to make the process simple.

Compere GPS With Other IBOs

Some active IBO's charge between $50.00 to $100.00 per invoice period twice a month, which totals $100-$200 a month. Some even take 1 cent per minute on top of those fees.

Elite Bronze Partner

GPS has been chosen to be an Elite Bronze Partner with Arise. Being an Elite┬áPartner means that we have been recognized by Arise for our CSP’s outstanding performance and for our excellent business practices. Only a few IBO’s are chosen to be Elite members. We take great pride in the maintenance of this accomplishment.

  • Last Education of Bachelor Degree
  • More Than 15 Years Experience
  • 12 Education Award Winning