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Enrollment Process: 13 Steps

Start your 13 Step Work From Home Process.

You will start earning income 2-3 weeks into certification when you service clients on the phone for most companies. See Payment Calendar.



Introduction: Explanation Video

Learn What This Arise Work From Home Network Is About? This Video Done By NBC's "THE REAL" Explains It Well:



STEP 1: Submit GPS Employment Application on Facebook or GPS Website.




STEP 2: Wait for GPS to Contact You By Email and Text To Move To Step 3.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have not heard from GPS by email, text or phone with new instructions within 1 hour after applying.
  • We recommend if you have AOL, YAHOO or HOTMAIL to create a GMAIL email account and resubmit application if you repeatedly don't get response from GPS/ARISE.
  • Please check your spam for an email sent to you by Global Presence Solutions. Please add this to your contacts so it does not go to your spam folder: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



STEP 3: Complete GPS Online Interview & Orientation



STEP 4: Complete Voice Assessment Tutorial



STEP 5: Create Gmail and Submit Email Update Form

As a Customer Support Professional you will be getting a lot of emails from GPS and Arise. To ensure you receive emails with no disruptions we recommend creating a gmail account specifically for your virtual call center business. After you create that gmail account please fill out the GPS Email Update Form so we can add to ou records too.

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER DELETE GPS/ARISE related email! Keep a paper/digital record of everything. You may need it for legal, financial or scheduling reasons later. That is another reason to have separate GPS/Arise related email.


Follow These Steps:

  1. ESSENTIAL: Create your gmail account. Link:
  2. ESSENTIAL: Fill out our Email Update Form. Link:
  3. OPTIONAL: Set up forwarding to your personal email so you do not miss any company emails: Watch tutorial:
  4. OPTIONAL: Set up gmail on your outlookiphone or android.






STEP 6: Create Arise Account

  1. Go to the Arise Registration Page
  3. Select country of residence: We only contract with U.S. workers
  4. Click boxes for "Is It Ok Partnering With Arise"
  5. "Create Profile" with username and passcode
    • For email please use your new work gmail.
  6. Input Contact Information
    • You MUST use the name that is associated with your Driver's License and Social Security. 

    • If you have recently been MARRIED or had a NAME CHANGE, you must make sure that your documents have been  updated to MATCH your last name before registering.

  7. Additional Information
    • When it asks you in the form "Were you referred to Arise by an Independent Business Owner or current Client Support Professional?"
    • Click YES. You have three options at this point:
      • If your not in military or vet, or a current student enter GPS CSP ID (CSP ID: 1485742) our COO's name will appear Jhael Hakimian.
      • If you are a military spouse, veteran, Veteran Spouse or active member or US Armed Forces and want discounts follow these instructions: Learn how to receive discount for military.

      • If you are a student 18 and over actively enrolled and studying towards a degree after high school, for example, college or university students, community colleges, online colleges, vocational schools like technical or automotive institutes, etc: Learn how to receive discount for students








STEP 7: Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.


* Please disregard the background check portion of the video. The background check is now FREE and no longer taking place at Step 7, but at Step 12 when you enroll into a program. In fact you do not pay for the certification course until you pass the program/voice assessment. background and drug test. This makes the process easier. Also, Arise does allow payment plans on some of the courses. They will deduct from your pay once you start working.



STEP 8: Submit Call Center Information: Change My Selection

  1. Login:
  2. Go to: "Submit Information" and click "Change My Selection"
  3. Join An Independent Business Vendor already in the Arise Network
  4. Enter GPS FEIN814463549 or IB# 83509. Name should read: Global Presence Enterprises LLC.
  5. Contact us and let us know you completed Step 8 by selecting GPS as a your call center. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & text us at: (305) 363-6670 - Thank you and you're one step closer to joining our team!



STEP 9: Submit Call Center Information: Join a call center on the Arise Platform


  1. Login:
  2. Go to "Join a call center on the Arise Platform" and click "Start Now"
  3. In the "Agreements" section, next to the View and Sign arrow(s), click on "View"
  4. Read the waiver and if acceptable, click on "I Accept".
  5. Contact us and let us know you completed Step 9 by selecting GPS as a your call center. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & text us at: (305) 363-6670 - Thank you and you're almost there!




STEP 10: Select Client Opportunity




STEP 11: Navigate Available Work Opportunities

  1. Watch Step 11 Video. Password: IMPACT - Video will show you how to navigate this section. 
  2. Look for available companies to work for in the Arise portal. Remember new ones open and close everyday. So if a company you want to work for is not listed you may have to wait a few days or weeks. You could also start with another company and then join the company your originally wanted when it is available.
  3. Look at how much the company pays here: (Password: IMPACT)
  4. As you examine companies in the Arise portal and our pay rates page make sure you understand the terminologies by studying the documents below:



STEP 12: Select a Servicing Opportunity

Watch this Step 12 Video. Password: IMPACT 


  1. See the current company pay rates before choosing a company. Link: (Password: IMPACT)
  2. When you choose your company you will do a program assessment that consist of a voice examination before paying for the certification course. Please review the voice assessment tutorial.
  3. Please complete program assessments within 24 hours of choosing your program, or you will be removed from the course and have to start the process again if you want to work for that company.
  4. After you pass program/voice assessments you will have to complete free background check and drug screening by First AdvantageWhen you pass background check and drug screening you will have to pay for your certification course. Arise does allow payment plans on some of the courses.
  5. Once you pick a pogram let us know so we can update your status to Step 13. Fill out the Enrollment Update Form
  6. BACKGROUND CHECKS: NON US CITIZENS will most likely have to complete another SSA-89 Form and submit the form to First Advantage when requested by email & mail.
  8. You will receive email instructions about drug test location near you.
  9. You will have to complete your Arise Affidavit form before the first class starts. Get affidavit info here.
  10. You will receive an email a few weeks before class about pre-work and pre-class meetings. Take advantage of these learning sessions. If you cannot access your pre-course work, or your teacher delays in giving you course instructions, DON'T WORRY. Check in with Arise Enrollment Chat Support once a week and make sure there are no technical issues. Let them know you have not received pre-course information and make sure you get a support ticket number. It is vital you maintain a digital record of all communication. Watch this tutorial on best way to contact Arise Enrollment Chat support: (Password: IMPACT)
  11. This process of certification will take 3 to 6 weeks depending on the company you picked.
  12. In most cases you will start making income about 3 weeks into training as you start taking calls.
  13. Have your internet, computer system, dialpad/headset, and optional headset with mic ready before the fist day. See Equipment Requirements & Suggestions.
  14. For most programs you will need an ASD Software. Wait for your ASD software to be mailed and practice installing it before the first day of class. 
    1. How does GPS pay? ANSWER
    2. When will I submit direct deposit information? ANSWER
    3. What days will I get paid? ANSWER
    4. How will I submit my W-9 form? ANSWER
    5. Who will issue me a 1099 form? ANSWER
  17. Students who are prepared, serious, focused and read all their emails and watch videos do well. 
  18. Don't be late and absent during certification course. Login always 5 to 10 minutes before to fix any last minute technical issues. Make the 3 to 6 week certification course an absolute priority. Login and join the class online wherever you are. Communicate any problems with your teacher A.S.A.P.  Arise and the companies they contract with are very strict on time. Their business depends on you faithfully and professional helping their customers. Don't take it lightly because it is "Work From Home". After you get certified and schedule yourself and find yourself sick, or with an emergency you can swap intervals, release intervals, or just let Partner Support know if you have no time to swap or release (Intervals are 30 minute increments you schedule yourself in Starmatic). Being absent and notifying them will still negatively affect your CA (Commitment Adherence Percentage Rate), but it is not as bad as not showing up without notifying Arise. Not communicating is the worse thing you can do in the Arise Network. If you CA percentage drops really low Arise may not renew your contract after 3 months, if it get's really, really bad they drop you before the 3 month renewal date. They monitor everything. This tutorial teaches you how to schedule yourself, swap and release hours and what to do if you have power or internet outage.
  19. VACATION POLICY & REQUEST PROCEDURE: If you need to take a vacation this tutorial will guide you.




STEP 13: Pass your certification course and start working by scheduling your intervals. 

  1. If did not update us at step 12, please fill out the Enrollment Update Form so we can update your status to Step 13.
  2. After you complete Step 12 you will have Arise coaches guiding you closely the first 90 days. You are at this point still on probation.
  3. Learn how to use the CSP work scheduling app (Starmatic).
  4. Ask questions by sending emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or loging into our GPS CSP Portal.
  5. Read all your emails and stay engaged. 
  6. For technical issues, or issues related to enrollment of a certification course reach out to Arise Chat Support. Watch this tutorial on best way to contact Arise Chat support: (Password: IMPACT)
  7. For course certification issues reach out to your teacher.
  8. At Step 13 when enrolled into a company program you will receive a Statement of Work (SOW) from Arise mid-way through. At this point you will proceed to execute the following payment processes.