drop course

Certification Course Drop Policy & Request

If you have already made payment for the opportunity, you will not be eligible for a refund and your previous payment cannot be transferred to another opportunity. To drop from certification please follow these steps:

1) Fill out the enrollment certification drop update form

2) To drop a course prior to the class start date, log on the Arise Portal to select the client program and view the class times. Click the “Drop Class” button and confirm the reason for the request. A confirmation email will be sent to the Call center owner and agent confirming the change.

3) If you are currently in class, please reach out to the Instructor to be dropped from the class.

4) If the nature of your drop request is related to Bereavement, Military Orders or Jury Duty, please chat with an Enrollment Specialist through AVA. To learn the fastest way to chat with an Enrollment Specialist, please see the tutorial video (Password: IMPACT).


Course policies:

  • Since attendance is mandatory, if you miss a course, you will be dropped from the opportunity.
  • Your eligibility to express interest in another opportunity depends on when you dropped your certification.
    • If you did not submit payment, you may express interest in another opportunity immediately.
    • If you dropped after submitting payment or after the course began, you are not eligible to express interest for 30 days from the date you dropped.