What are the rules to swap & release?

There are 2 lockdow periods that you need to be aware of.  Make sure you are following these rules to ensure your CA is not affected.  For more information on this topic click on the SWAP button:

  1. 48 Hour Release Rule - so long as you are outside 48 hours of your interval, you can safely Release. Once you are inside 48 hours, ALWAYS choose Swap first as most times someone else will pick up your interval from swap.  Please note that you must ensure your interval(s) are picked up from swap otherwise you are responsible to service that interval.  If you are unable to service, you will have to take it off Swap then choose to Release.  

  2. 2 Hour Swap Rule - Once you are within 2 hours of the start of your interval, you will no longer be able to swap.  Although the option is still there, it won't accept which will leave you with the option to Release only.


Note:  If you Release an Interval inside Lockdown, your Commitment Adherence (CA%) will be affected.  If you do not release and are unable to service it will be counted as a No Show which may result in a Business Alert (B.A) from Arise.  Avoid No Shows.

4. What to do when I have a technical issue or am not able to service?

5. What should I do if I lose power and/or I am not able to swap/release my interval(s)?:

  1. Try logging onto Starmatic on your mobile device using this link:

  2. In case of power outage, you may call Arise Operations Support: (877) 276-6458

6. My Starmatic is showing me as a No Show for intervals that I serviced - Why?

Please be aware that Starmatic data feeds can take up to 72 hours to properly reflect your serviced time.
If you notice that 3 or more consecutive days are reporting no show data, please contact Partner Support and open an incident to have your issue researched.

For more information about how to Swap & Release from ARISE, click HERE