What kind cost should I expect?

What kind of cost should I expect?

    • Dedicated Phone Line Service - $10 to $35 (Paid directly to 3rd party internet service provider-At&T, Comcast, etc).
    • Internet Service - $30 to $60 (Paid directly to 3rd party internet service provider-At&T, Comcast, etc).
    • Arise Platform Fee - $39.50 per month (Covers employees, computers, bank fees, software costs, accounting, marketing, etc)
      • $19.75 deducted by Arise every two weeks.
    • IBO Support Fees - $0.00 or a maximum of $49.90 per month.
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        • GPS charges one of the lowest IBO fees in the Arise Network. We only charge $0.00 to a maximum of $24.95 every two week pay period. The cost depends on the number of hours an agent works. If agents don't work the monies are not deducted from their direct deposit. The fluctuating structure minimizes a CSP's (Customer Support Professional) risk from having a fixed cost, especially when they take days off due to illness, vacations, etc. GPS makes operating a virtual call center as "risk-free" as possible for CSP's.

        • These monthly IBO fees cover our expenses to manage CSP's who rather not go through the INCORPORATION process due to lack of time, funds or other reasons. Fees cover our operational expenses, preparing quarterly 1099 forms, payroll, tech support, consultation/coaching, and other services.

        • The term IBO means Independent Business Operator. To work with Arise you must become an IBO who operates an LLC registered with the State and Federal government and completes the IBO acceptance process. IBO's are the only person allowed to have CSP's working with their companies and assume the responsibility of co-training, co-managing, and co-paying. We ensure CSP's receive payments every two weeks. GPS does not wait 7-10 business days to direct deposit on 1st and 15th, we do it immediately by the next day we receive a deposit from Arise. See payment calendar here.


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